New from my Sewing Table...

Batik Hand Printed Headband

  As the weather starts to heat up so does my desire to dye and paint fabrics.  I love using natural dyes and usually turn my patio into a dyeing studio with boiling pots of natural dyes and fabrics hanging everywhere to dry. My first batch of fabric is drying and waiting to be sewn into beautiful accessories for my Etsy shop. 


Here comes June!

Father's day is just around the corner.  Although we love making handmade gifts for my husband, we also like to buy handmade gifts from artists as well.  I have found some amazing items on Etsy (my second home) that could easily be the perfect gift for any dad.

Handmade Leather Wallet with Personalized Monogramming:

Handmade Cologne:

Hand Stamped Copper Keyring:

Black Walnut Keepsake Box:

Handmade Card:

Hand Painted Cotton Scarf: